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Winter Wetlands 

A private sanctuary for native flora and fauna

The Winter Wetlands is an ongoing project that started over 10 years ago. What once was a small, bare paddock has been transformed into 2 acres of Winter Wetlands that provide a sanctuary for native birds and wildlife, either within the many many native trees, shrubs and grasses that have been planted, or within the small radiata pine plantation sourced from the mature Radiatas across the road in the nearby Kuitpo Forest. Over 60 different species of birds have been seen at Forest Gate farm. 

The Winter Wetlands are at their most beautiful in Late Autumn /Winter, when the dam is full to overflowing and extends throughout the reeds. 

2024 Winter Wetlands Overnight / Day Stay

Guests at Forest Gate can now make use of the Winter Wetlands for Overnight / Daytime stays. Spend a little time down here to enjoy a picnic amongst the trees in a small sheltered picnic area, or roast marshmallows over the fire on the top of the dam wall overlooking the vista (but NOT IN fire-ban season). The little radiata pine plantation also serves as a perfect wedding photography venue. 

Nightwalks can be enjoyed within the sanctuary itself (make sure to bring a torch to light the way) or daywalks in the Kuitpo forest across the road. Nightime wildlife that can often be seen includes koalas, bandicoots, antechinuses, ringtail and brushtail possums, tawny owls and frogmouths. In the evening, there are always many kangaroos to be found nearby. A resident Western Grey will often surprise visitors too.

The Winter Wetlands is available for self contained RV campervans with their own toileting facilities and grey water reservoir. 

Due to the nature of the vegetation in the Winter Wetlands Sanctuary and manoeuvrability of vehicles, size restrictions apply.  The sites that we will be offering in the Winter Wetlands will suit small / medium RV campervans, but will not be suitable for caravans. Caravans and trailers are NOT permitted.

Please note that overnighting in the Winter Wetlands Sanctuary is unavailable to children and pets due to our insurance policy, and will only be available to adults. 

RV campervan sites 

RV Site 1 (8 x 3.5)

RV Site 2 (8 x 3.5)

RV Site 3 (8 x 5)

RV Site 4 (8 x 5)

RV Site 5 (7 x 6.5)

RV Site 6 (8 x 5)

RV Site 7 (8 x 5)

How do I book an overnight stay in the Winter Wetlands?

At this stage, we are using Hipcamp to manage all bookings at the Winter Wetlands. 

Click on the icon to be redirected to our page at Hipcamp to book a site in the Winter Wetlands

Looking south across the dam in the Winter Wetlands.

A private space to picnic beneath the trees.

Looking north- west across the dam, as some ducks paddle across the far bank.

Reflections on the dam on a still afternoon.

View of the sanctuary island in the middle of the dam, that provides shelter for baby birds / ducks in the evenings. 

The fire place next to the dam, stacked with wood, is available in non-fire ban seasons. 

A sheltered picnic area next to the camp grounds.

Looking north across the dam in the Winter Wetlands, guests can also see the paddocks with cows and sheep. The farmhouse is in the far background

Trees and birdlife in the wetlands surrounding the dam.


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